Spoonbread Festival Talent Show

Sponsored by Spotlight Acting School


1. The Talent show will begin at 9:30am and will run no later than Noon on Saturday Sept 22nd.

2. All entry forms must be submitted by Thursday Sept 21st with a $10 entry fee.

3. Acts requiring more than 8 FEET of ceiling height will not be allowed.

4. Acts will be allotted no more than FIVE (5) MINUTES to setup, perform, and teardown.

5. Acts will be PENALIZED if either of these times are exceeded.

6. Participants may only perform ONE time during the show. Any participant who participates in more than one performance will disqualify BOTH acts.

7. NO profanity or vulgar lyrics in any vocal performance or dance music. This is a family show.

8. NO nudity allowed! Keep attire at a respectable and tasteful level.

9. NO pyrotechnics, open flames or any other dangerous additions.

10. A Sound Technician and microphone(s) will be provided. Acts MUST provide their own recorded music, instruments, props, etc., if needed. Recorded music MUST be on a standard audio CD.

11. Participants will have the opportunity for a mic check starting at 7:30am and will run as long as time permits.

12. Winners should allow at least 3 WEEKS for prize checks to be disbursed.

Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Talent Show organizers.

Participants are chosen by many factors, including: number of entries, type of act, age group, and festival appropriateness.